Soffritti Netherlands BV is an international freight company based in Rotterdam.


Soffritti-main.jpgSoffritti Netherlands BV is an international freight company based in Rotterdam.

Soffritti required new handling equipment and has over nine years experience of Hyster products and a long standing relationship with the local Hyster distribution partner, which helped in the selection of the new Hyster trucks.

How did Hyster Help?

  • Supplied a selection of equipment to meet the specific application requirements
  • Provided the equipment on a full service maintenance contract with rapid response support through its local distribution partner


  • Downtime is minimised thanks to the maintenance and service provided through Hyster and its local distribution partner. The service includes the maintenance of the batteries and refilling the battery with water. High frequency chargers are installed to reduce energy consumption and therefore lower costs
  • Visibility is enhanced through the rigid and durable Vista mast and LED lighting
  • Energy efficiency is optimised and there is an automatic parking brake fitted to the Hyster electric trucks
  • Operator satisfaction is enhanced thanks to a number of ergonomic options. For example, the Hyster electric forklift has a wide and low entry and low vibration level, providing comfort to the operators throughout long shifts
  • The operation is more efficient thanks to the excellent manoeuvrability provided by the Zero Turn Radius steering