6/9 High Empty Container Handler


Designed for use in the ever growing, fast paced container industry, where every yard must bring down the cost per box moved to stay competitive.

  • Single and double handling spreaders
  • Heavy-duty productivity
  • Serviceability
  • Optimised powertrain
  • Ergonomic cab
Industry Best

- Ports and Intermodal / Container Yards
- Empty Container Handling

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Single and double handling spreaders

A comprehensive selection of single and double handling spreaders are available, featuring vertical twistlocks or hook & side clamps, to suit your specific application. These spreaders allow
operations to handle most common types of containers.


Hyster empty container handling solutions can help port operations reap time and cost savings by handling two empty containers simultaneously. The double-handling capability of the H9-11XD container handler provides particularly powerful advantages as organisations scale to handle growing demand while maintaining targets for efficiency and cost.

Heavy duty productivity

Hyster H8-11XD-EC/D empty container handling trucks deliver high productivity with 4-mode average lifting speeds of 0.54 m/s, competitive in the industry.

For optimal performance and durability, the variable lap mast features:

  • significantly lower load roller forces
  • less mast deflection
  • higher torsional rigidity
  • heavy duty 2 chain system with large diameter sheaves

This design enhances structural strength, contributing to lower costs and reducing downtime.


Hyster trucks have been designed with the service technician in mind. Easy access to the engine, hydraulics and other major components are enabled with a large hinged hood and lift off front covers. The tip back cabin provides ample service access to components located under the cabin.

  • Broad, slip resistant running boards
  • Optional utility toolbox and storage compartment
  • The hydraulic oil tank features a sight glass and magnetic drain plugs for ease of maintenance
  • Clean hydraulic hose and electrical harness routing and clamping
Optimised power train

With the H8XD-EC6 - H11XDECD9 range you will move more empty containers in less time. You will also have the benefit of longer service life of components, and less downtime due to unplanned repair requirements.

Innovative selectable ECO performance modes, plus the 5-speed transmission and variable displacement pumps, offer excellent fuel economy.

On-demand hydraulics, on-demand cooling and selectable performance modes contribute to fuel savings, extended component life and reduced noise levels.

Ergonomic cab

The ergonomically design high visibility cab puts greater productivity within easy reach. Equipped with an armoured glass top window, curved front and rear windows and steel doors with tempered glass, the new operator cab provides excellent all-around visibility.

Inside the cab there is more space with the largest entry area in the industry, more control with a full-colour screen displaying performance data at the operator’s fingertips and more comfort with an exclusive lateral sliding seat, adjustable steering column and foot pedal, plus ergonomic controls.

Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Transmission
H8XD-EC6 8000kg 1220mm 16168mm 6327mm 4110mm 35508kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H8XD-EC7 8000kg 1220mm 18768mm 6327mm 4110mm 36862kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H10XD-ECD8 9000kg 1220mm 18768mm 6327mm 4110mm 38848kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-ECD8 9000kg 1220mm 21368mm 6327mm 4335mm 41437kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H11XD-ECD8 9000kg 1220mm 16322mm 6327mm 4110mm 39468kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-EC8 9000kg 1220mm 18922mm 6327mm 4110mm 40853kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H11XD-ECD9 10000kg 1220mm 18922mm 6327mm 4335mm 41886kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-EC7 11000kg 1220mm 18922mm 6327mm 4335mm 42847kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-ECD7 11000kg 1220mm 21522mm 6327mm 4335mm 44198kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211



Help promote safety & operator confidence, regulatory compliance, and improve operational transparency. Our cloud-based wireless monitoring provides actionable insights giving you a thorough look into your fleet’s day-to-day operations so your team can work smarter.

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