Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Increased demand, increased expectations

3PL is predicted to grow 3.6% annually over the next five years. Are you positioned to succeed in this competitive environment?


Turn your biggest headaches into opportunities

The shift to B2C fulfillment has changed the landscape of 3PL. Will you only exist or will you excel?

SKU Proliferation

The seismic shift in 3PL warehousing means managing a huge volume of smaller orders and a tremendous number of SKUs

How can you beat the SKU invasion?

  • Optimize slotting for picking
  • Add case flow lanes to accommodate more SKUs
  • Use variable height picking processes to increase pick locations
Beat the SKU invasion

Increased Costs

Rising costs and competition are increasing industry pressures

How can you better manage increased costs?

  • Right-size your fleet to reduce administrative burden and extend equipment life
  • Deploy hydrogen fuel cell power to help reduce electrical consumption
  • Embrace technology to help increase speed and accuracy
Dominate with game changing solutions

Space Constraints

So many SKUs, so little space

How can you squeeze more out of what you have?

  • Go vertical for greater capacity
  • Install hydrogen fuel cell-powered lift trucks to eliminate battery charging and storage space demands
  • Deploy multi-faceted approach to accommodate current needs and projected growth
Maximize the space you have
Exceed expectations with Hyster forklift and lift trucks

Consumer Expectations

Customer expectations are sky high and they don’t have to settle for less

How can you wow your customers?

  • Provide customers with instant access to shipment status and inventory
  • Unify products, shipping materials and packaging labels with clients’ brand guidelines
  • Help increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and offer value-adds with Big Data
See how to maintain customer confidence

Last Mile Logistics

Customers place high value on the speed, security, traceability and cost of delivery

How are you going to win in the end?

  • Implement RFID technology for traceability which can reduce errors, labor costs and delivery time
  • Deploy walkie pallet trucks with a DSD package for an ergonomic solution to moving product
  • Split inventory across different fulfillment centers to shorten the final delivery distance
Take the final hurdle to deliver the goods

Labor Shortage

Variable demand and turnover adds strain to a shrinking labor pool and high turnover in 3PL

How can you attract and retain talent?

  • Deploy robotic solutions for repetitive tasks and direct workers to more value-added activities
  • Utilize equipment designed with advanced ergonomics to help keep operators happy and healthy
  • Use telematics to help manage equipment access and training updates
Overcome labor challenges


Dominate with game changing solutions.

Take charge of your operations while exceeding customer and efficiency expectations.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated approaches to increase productivity.

Innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.

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