You drive the supply chain.

Trucking is critical to the supply chain but now faces the tightest market in history. Can you overcome the challenges?


Turn your biggest headaches into opportunities

The trucking industry faces high volumes and tight capacity. Do you have the tools to pass the competition?

Labor Shortages

Employee satisfaction is paramount, particularly when facing the high cost of turnover.

How can you attract and retain talent?

  • Minimize downtime to keep your workforce moving
  • Offer advanced ergonomic lift truck solutions to help keep operators happy and healthy
  • Consider operator assist systems to help increase awareness and minimize risk in your facility
Overcome labor challenges

Increased Costs

Costs are rising across almost every facet of your industry.

Where can you positively impact the bottom line?

  • Right-size your fleet to reduce administrative burden and extend equipment life
  • Help increase efficiency and lower operating costs with Big Data
  • Deploy a fleet that can decrease overall total cost of ownership
Dominate with game changing solutions

Corporate Responsibility

Government regulation and consumer expectations for environmentally friendly businesses are increasing

How can you go green?

  • Embrace clean power sources in your lift truck equipment
  • Develop a recycling plan for by-products of your operation
  • Minimize paper waste with consolidated fleet management invoicing
Deliver sustainable solutions

Changing Customer Expectations

Customers require speed, security and traceability of deliveries, which creates more pressure to load and unload on the road.

How are you going to win in the end?

  • Use RFID technology for traceability to help reduce errors, labor costs and delivery time
  • Deploy walkie pallet trucks with a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) package for an ergonomic solution to moving product on the go
Exceed expectations


Dominate with game changing solutions

Take charge of your operations while exceeding customer and efficiency expectations.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to achieve results

Cut the Fat from Your Forklift Fleet

Find out how optimizing your lift truck fleet according to your business requirements can help protect slim margins and maximize productivity.

Optimize Your Fleet

Optimizing the Full Operational View

Discover how telematics and fleet management can help increase uptime and substantially lower total cost of ownership of your lift trucks.

Increase Uptime

Safety Innovations for Constantly Evolving Operations

Understand the many approaches your operation can take to help improve safety.

Evolve Your Operation
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