Hyster dealers can help



Seasonal spikes? Special project? Renting a forklift or materials handling accessory is a great way to supplement your existing fleet when production ramps up or a special need arises. Your Hyster® authorized dealer stocks a wide range of late-model, low-hour materials handling equipment for rent, and has the expertise to help you decide which solutions you need.

So, when should you rent a forklift?

There are some good reasons to rent instead of buy when you have a temporary influx of work.

  • No acquisition commitment minimizes financial risk.
  • Your technicians perform pre-shift checks only. All scheduled maintenance is done by your local Hyster® dealer.
  • Operators gain access to modern, up-to-date equipment that helps raise productivity throughout your busy season.
  • When production returns to normal, equipment goes back to your dealer, keeping your fleet lean.

Got the forklift but need a few more options?

Customize your equipment by renting the right accessories to give your business the flexibility it needs when production fluctuates.