Awareness and Confidence Are Key

Forklift Awareness Solutions

Lift Truck Solutions for Challenging Operational Conditions

Special Equipment Options

When working around or in the presence of mobile equipment, safety should not be taken lightly. And based on numerous variables, including your facility layout and lighting, additional truck options may help increase awareness and minimize risk.


Based on your facility layout and lighting conditions, are you using the appropriate tools to achieve optimum truck visibility to aid pedestrian safety? If not, consider helping increase awareness where needed with the right light options.

Forklift Lighting

Are low light areas with limited visibility a challenge for your operation? If so, the right truck light options can help enhance operator visibility, productivity and decrease associated truck, product and facility damage. .

Forklift motion and backup alarms

Would your facility benefit from alarms that notify pedestrians, or surrounding mobile equipment operators, that they are close to a truck in motion? If so, you may want to consider audible alarms to help enhance truck proximity awareness.

OSHA does not require the use of visible or audible alarms on lift trucks, but they may be helpful in certain operating conditions. Please note that in some situations, visible or audible alarms may be a distraction, and habituation can lessen their effectiveness. Also, the effectiveness of visible alarms is significantly or even entirely reduced in outdoor daylight conditions. Consider performing a site evaluation to determine if visible or audible alarms would be helpful at your facility.