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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells perform like internal combustion engines but with maintenance-friendly attributes of electric options

Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Work Faster: Hydrogen fuel cell can refill as quickly as 3 minutes – getting you back to work quickly.
  • Improve Worker Productivity: Fuel cells deliver consistent power until the tank is empty, so your forklift operator will be efficient through an entire shift.
  • Free Up Space: A hydrogen fueling system takes up a small facility footprint so you free up precious work space. In some cases, a fueling system can be moved outdoors.
  • Cleaner Work Environment: Hydrogen fuel cells have no harmful emissions, helping you comply with emissions regulations and sustainability initiatives.
  • Fuel Delivery Options: For companies that want to avoid major fueling infrastructure costs or long-term contracts with hydrogen suppliers, there are now multiple hydrogen fueling options. These options range from on-site delivery services catering to small fleets by only charging for fuel to on-site generation systems for larger fleets. No matter the size of your fleet, there’s a hydrogen fuel option to fit your unique needs. Contact your Hyster dealer to help determine which fuel option is best for you.

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