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A leading manufacturer of building products and solutions was managing hundreds of lift trucks
across 26 locations, which proved to be a challenge. Add limited truck usage data and maintenance spend details to the mix, and things got even more complex.
The company decided it was time to take a deeper dive into truck usage per location and address perpetually high maintenance costs, so they could make informed decisions to help improve their bottom line.


To gain the insight needed, the customer decided to utilize Hyster® Fleet Optics™. This consultative service gave them a dedicated industry-specific fleet expert who would continually evaluate their lift truck data, providing details and recommendations to increase uptime and lower total cost of ownership. Detailed data analysis and services included:

  • Average cost per hour by truck model and
  • Determine and analyze owned trucks vs. rentals
  • Track rental truck hour usage and contract terms
  • Recommend replacement trucks based on age
    and maintenance spend
  • Monitor full maintenance trucks and contract
  • Trends in maintenance spend, repair times,
    component consumption and downtime


Using Fleet Optics, Hyster was able to identify numerous trucks at various locations that the customer did not realize were long-term rentals but were still paying for on a monthly basis. This sometimes happens with large companies, where rental units are absorbed into their fleet without knowing they are rental units, while still paying hefty rental fees.

With this knowledge, the customer was able to assess their rental fleet, contract terms and usage to identify surplus rental units that were not needed. By doing so, they were able to reduce their rental fleet costs by 89% within one year.

Another cost savings opportunity discovered was avoidable damage. Multiple facilities were revealed to have frequent and high lift truck repair costs. Hyster Fleet Optics was able to identify the factors causing the damage and high repair costs within each facility. And as a result, the company took action to reduce these avoidable expenses, resulting in 90% lower repair costs at these locations.

Now the customer can focus on what’s most important to them, running their business, while leaving fleet management to the experts – Hyster Fleet Optics.

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