Profit margins are tight, so making the most of every shift has never been more crucial. Implementing electric lift trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology offers many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY – Hydrogen fuel cells provide consistent power throughout a shift and can be refueled in three minutes, offering more uptime than other electric power sources.
  • FREE UP SPACE – A hydrogen fueling system takes up a small facility footprint, providing valuable workspace for your operation. In some cases, a fueling system can be moved outdoors.
  • GO CLEAN AND GREEN – Hydrogen fuel cells have no harmful emissions and use natural, recyclable resources, helping you truly comply with emissions regulations and sustainability initiatives.
  • ENJOY FLEXIBILITY – Hydrogen fuel cells are less dependent on operator charging behavior and your electrical grid than other electric power sources. Plus, you can place the hydrogen dispensers in a variety of locations.
  • FUEL YOUR WAY – Gas can be delivered if you have little to no infrastructure. For operations with moderate infrastructures, the delivery of liquid hydrogen could be a better fit and offers a lower unit fuel price. Operations with the size and infrastructure to support the on-site generation of fuel can take advantage of the very lowest unit fuel prices. 

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