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Hyster Double Container Handling Solution Helps Boost Productivity at Ports

GREENVILLE, N.C. (September 10, 2020) – Hyster Company’s empty container handler can help port operations reap time and cost savings by handling two empty containers simultaneously. This double-handling capability provides particularly powerful advantages as organizations scale to handle growing demand while maintaining targets for efficiency and cost.

“As economies reopen following the peak of COVID-19, the quantity of containers shipped worldwide continues to grow, and operations are responding with increased use of dedicated empty container yards,” says Lyndle McCurley, Vice President of Big Trucks, Hyster Company. “With such scale, double handling of empty containers can unlock efficiency gains that can make a meaningful impact on the bottom line.”

Double container handling can help improve throughput and reduce congestion at ports – both inside the terminal and on roads. This helps reduce wait times for over-the-road freight trucks and optimizes traffic flows in and out of terminals. Double empty container handling can increase throughput by up to 30%, reducing cost per container moved and boosting profitability.

Using the Hyster® H180-230XD-ECD double empty container handler can also offer a reduced cost of equipment ownership compared to alternative workflows. By decreasing driving distances, operations can reduce fuel usage and tire wear while maximizing containers moved. Hyster empty container handlers can lift loads of up to 23,000 pounds and enable operators to build stacks up to nine containers high, significantly increasing capacity and optimizing yard space.

Even if difficult weather conditions, local policies or other constraints prevent operations from stacking nine high, increasing stacks from five to six containers with a Hyster empty container handler can still boost capacity by up to 20%.

Spreaders available for the Hyster empty container handler lock the second container tightly in place, enabling maximum productivity without sacrificing security. The truck also has an intuitive digital display and smart camera options so that operators can check that containers are seated and secured correctly. Operators get a strong sense of stability, competitive levels of forward visibility and an ergonomic seat and controls.

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