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Hyster Launches New Advanced, Ergonomic Cab and Controls for Big Trucks

GREENVILLE, N.C. (Feb. 10, 2020) – No matter the load or operating conditions, businesses need operators to perform at the highest level to meet productivity goals and protect margins. To that end, Hyster Company ( is introducing a new cabin and control system for its Big Truck range, packed with ergonomic, productivity-enhancing features in an efficient, cockpit-style design that positions all truck information and controls within easy reach. 

The new cab prioritizes ergonomics from the very beginning, starting with industry leading cabin door width and generous height for easy entry and exit. The industry exclusive lateral seat slider allows operators to find the ideal operating position and even make room to accommodate an extra seat for trainers to supervise performance. The adjustable steer column uses a unique foot pedal design that allows operators to keep hands on the wheel while finding the right position.

Once settled in, operators can access key information directly through the seven-inch integrated performance display – even run diagnostics and view truck performance – all without connecting a computer. The unique and standard control arm makes hydraulic operation easier than ever, with touchpoint mini-levers that work in tandem with the display to bring all functions within easy each. All controls are visible and controllable in one area. The interface automatically dims in low light situations to reduce the risk of distraction, and control arm panels all have backlight options so operators do not fumble for the right switch in the dark.

Exclusive one-piece curved glass boosts front and rear visibility. The top glass is the largest length in the industry and is scratch-resistant to keep overhead visibility clear. The redesigned mast and carriage further boosts visibility of fork tips at ground level, with modified lift chains, inner channel and carriages providing a wider window of view.

“The new cab combines traditional ergonomic fundamentals with the latest technology advances,” says Lyndle McCurley, Vice President, Big Trucks, Hyster Company. “Our customers are constantly pushed to get more out of a limited labor pool. The tools and design of this new cabin can help boost labor efficiency and keep operators more comfortable and focused all shift long.”

The new cab is available on Hyster® H190-360XD, H360XD36 and H360XD48 truck models. The trucks also offer maintenance-friendly features, like LED lights on broken fuses to save time on troubleshooting and replacement, and unique wear pads that allow smoother fork repositioning and wear more evenly than roller designs. Adjustable steering angles allow operators to select between steering behaviors – maximizing maneuverability or reducing friction– to increase the useful life of tires.

To access an image of the new cab on Hyster® Big Trucks, click here.


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