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Hyster Pushes Integrated Lithium-ion Power Forward with Higher Capacity Lift Truck

GREENVILLE, N.C. (Aug. 06, 2020) – Hyster Company introduces the new Hyster® J155-190XNL series, the industry’s first sit-down counterbalanced lift truck with factory integrated 350-volt lithium-ion power in the 15,500 to 19,000 pound capacity range. The J155-170XNSL, J175XNL36 and J190XNL provide a zero emission alternative for heavy-duty, higher-capacity applications both indoors and out, avoiding the need to operate extra lift trucks only for certain environments.  

“While heavy-duty lifting applications have long relied on internal combustion engines (ICE), green initiatives and government regulations have made an electric option increasingly attractive,” says Martin Boyd, Vice President, Product Planning and Solutions, Hyster Company. “Lithium-ion power has key attributes that make it well-suited to electrify higher-capacity trucks, allowing customers to get the performance they need and meet sustainability targets.”

The high-voltage lithium-ion battery paired with efficient, high-power electric motors delivers performance comparable to an ICE, and maintains efficient, consistent power delivery throughout the full battery charge. The battery is sealed and has no maintenance requirements, offering faster charging and a longer overall battery cycle life than typical lead acid batteries. The battery can fully charge in less than 90 minutes using the required charger and can also be opportunity charged, allowing operators to plug in whenever convenient to help increase truck run time.

The J155-190XNL series uses the chassis and other tried and true components of the Class 5 ICE-powered Hyster® Fortis products of the same capacities, including the same shortened counterweight design and turn assist system from the H155-170FTS models, providing improved maneuverability in the J155-170XNSL models. Lithium-ion power means far fewer serviceable parts compared to ICE-powered alternatives, with no fluid, filters, spark plugs, belts or other powertrain items that require periodic service or replacement.

The J155-190XNL is the company’s second sit-down counterbalanced forklift with factory integrated lithium-ion power, joining the Hyster® J50-60XNL, a finalist for the International Forklift Truck of the Year Award.

To access images of the J155-190XNLclick here and here.


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