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Heavyweight Handler provides facilities an efficient alternative to address surge in bulky, irregularly shaped items

Heavyweight Handler provides facilities an efficient alternative to address surge in bulky, irregularly shaped items

GREENVILLE, N.C. (Sept. 15, 2020) – Hyster Company announces the industry’s first fully commercialized solution dedicated to simplifying the otherwise time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manually loading and unloading flat-pack and odd-shaped items. The Hyster T7ZAC Heavyweight Handler™ uses a ground-level platform that slides under items in tandem with a long, tilting load backrest to pick up and support items during transport.

“Whether a furniture distribution center, home center or elsewhere, the need to handle bulky, irregularly shaped items continues to rise as consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce for purchases of large and flat-pack goods like appliances or furniture,” says Jennifer Meyers, Brand Manager, Hyster Company. “Our goal with the Heavyweight Handler is to provide an alternative to using a dolly or simple brute strength to transport these items, reducing the risk of physical strain, while also increasing productivity and cost savings.”

Compared to lifting and moving items by hand, operations that use the Heavyweight Handler can cut unloading times by 50 percent and reduce labor requirements by 40 percent.

When products shift in trailers during transit, accessing and removing them can be especially difficult for manual dollies and traditional lift trucks equipped with clamps. But the Heavyweight Handler is designed just for these situations, with the maneuverability to provide easy, efficient access to help unload even wedged or unbalanced products.

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