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GREENVILLE, N.C. (June 8, 2021) – Hyster Company announces the release of its new E50-60XNL series, the industry’s first cushion tire counterbalanced lift truck available in the 5,000-to-6,000-pound capacity range specifically designed around factory integrated lithium-ion power. Expanding on the GOOD DESIGN® award-winning pneumatic tire model in the same capacity range released last year, the E-XNL also addresses the growing demand for electric lift truck solutions for a broad range of intense applications, including general manufacturing, metals, paper and packaging.

“The E50-60XNL is ready to electrify the materials handling industry by providing a solution with the significant advantages of a fully-integrated lithium-ion battery without compromising on the performance and productivity needed for demanding indoor applications,” says James Nielson, Electric Counterbalanced Product Manager, Hyster Company. “We have designed this lift truck from the ground up to take advantage of the lighter, smaller size of lithium-ion batteries, resulting in greatly improved operator ergonomics and efficiency gains over traditional battery box designs.”

Rather than accommodating a space originally designed for a lead-acid battery box, the E50-60XNL starts fresh and is specifically designed around the lighter and smaller li-ion battery. This results in reduced overall weight for improved acceleration and increased energy efficiency, without sacrificing lift capacity. A lower center of gravity improves stability while the spacious operator compartment and lowered floor and seat offer additional headroom, easier entry and exit, and increased freedom to position feet during operation.

Lithium-ion power is a practical solution for intense operations, as proven in the higher-capacity J155-190XNL series alternative for heavy-duty applications that traditionally relied on internal combustion engines (ICE). This power technology offers simple, reliable operation with zero battery maintenance, long battery life and fast charging times. In fact, with the proper charger, the E50-60XNL can go from 8% battery life to full power in as little as 65 minutes. It also eliminates the noise and vibration that operators experience on an ICE truck.

The lithium-ion battery technology is FDA compliant with zero emissions and no gassing during charging processes, making it a strong choice for indoor operations and those subject to high hygiene standards like pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. The battery operating range also allows the truck to perform in a variety of harsh conditions, from minus 40 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.


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