• Available Plan Options

    Hyster Fleet  Multiple Trucks With ClockPeriodic maintenance programs: Improve the reliability of your fleet.

    With a sound periodic maintenance plan, you can minimize unscheduled downtime and help prolong the effective life of your fleet. Based on each asset’s application, usage, and operating environment, we can customize PM programs to help ensure your fleet is operating at peak performance and the lowest cost possible.  

    Full maintenance programs: Our most comprehensive maintenance plan.

    With Full Maintenance, we cover all parts and service costs for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.* Arrangements can be made to bill you for Full Maintenance service at a fixed monthly cost or by run time hour. Some coverage exclusions may apply. 

    *Does not include damage and abuse caused by customer  

    Usage based rate programs: Our usage based full maintenance service plan.

    If your asset utilization varies from month-to-month, you may want to consider our Usage Based Full Maintenance Plan. With this option, you can be assured that each Hyster® lift truck is being maintained in accordance with our recommended scheduled hourly intervals, and should an unscheduled breakdown occur, it can be covered in a Full Maintenance Plan. At the end of each month, we will remotely retrieve the number of hours used from each Hyster® lift truck and bill you based on the actual hours used.  

    Time & material services: The added flexibility of paying for each service.

    We recognize the fact that some customers would rather pay for service by labor hour and parts replacement. Our time and materials plan provides you the alternative to pay for specific work performed on each asset. There is no fixed monthly cost for a time and material service plan.

    Maintenance assurance: Reduce those unexpected repair bills.

    Hyster Fleet Smart understands the importance of reducing surprise service bills so you can focus on your core business and less time explaining unscheduled downtime and unbudgeted expenditures. One of the best opportunities for you to reduce downtime and costly repairs on your fleet is to subscribe to a maintenance program that offers sound periodic maintenance service coupled with additional parts and service coverage at a fixed monthly cost.  

    Battery / charger maintenance: Lower the operating cost of your battery powered vehicles.

    One of the most effective methods to maximize productivity on battery powered vehicles is to have your batteries and chargers on a sound maintenance program. Results have shown that an effective maintenance plan can significantly extend the life of your battery and charger.  

    Attachment maintenance: Expand your coverage to include special attachments.

    To help reduce unscheduled downtime, it is recommended that special attachments are set up on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Our dealer network has years of experience to help prolong the life of various types of front-end attachments.

    Rental & loaner programs: Help safeguard productivity.

    To help ensure you are able to quickly respond to spikes in your material handling requirements, our dealer network can provide you what you need from their rental fleet inventory. Have a truck out for service and need a loaner? Your Hyster® Dealer has a wide inventory of lift trucks available for rent.