• Certified Remanufactured Trucks

    Hyster Fleet  Cert Reman EngineerIn certain applications or budgets, purchasing or renting a new lift truck may not be a viable option. In this situation, ask your dealer about the Hyster® Certified Remanufactured program. With a Hyster® Certified Remanufactured Truck, you can rest assured of the same Hyster quality you have come to expect from a new Hyster lift truck. The outstanding durability of Hyster® lift trucks means you can count on reliable service;

    • If your local dealer doesn’t have the exact specification of used truck you require, they can normally source it from elsewhere within the network.
    • You have peace of mind, knowing that the vast majority of Hyster® Certified Remanufactured forklift trucks have been maintained by authorized Hyster® Dealers to a high standard.

    If you are currently looking for used lift trucks for your business, your local Hyster® Dealer will be able to discuss and source the best Certified Remanufactured Truck to suit you.