• Management and Continuous Improvement

    As a true partner, Hyster Fleet Smart management is involved in all aspects of your fleet’s operations–providing you with a complete picture of operational costs and areas for improvement. Management services include:

    Fleet Management Continuous Improvement People Blueprint

    Web portal: reports and savings at your fingertips!

    We rely on innovative software to help us effectively manage customer fleet accounts.  Through our secured web site, customers can view data such as hour meter readings, equipment inventory, and maintenance history, to name a few.  Our user-friendly customer web portal provides you 24/7 access to important up-to-date information on your fleet in a secure format.  As an added security measure, your Fleet information is password-protected.

    • Full access to service data
    • Management reports
    • Initiate service calls
    • Manage repair quote approvals
    • Review Invoice details
    • Raise Invoice challenges

    Dedicated fleet account manager and consultant: On-demand access to someone who is there to help.

    To provide you the personalized service you deserve, we have dedicated consultants on staff. These Program Managers are knowledgeable about your account and are there to help support your every need.

    Regular performance reporting

    With our Fleet Maintenance software, you can access a number of popular pre-designed performance reports or easily export basic data such as equipment inventory, maintenance history and work order summary by serial number. These basic reports can make it easy for you to track and report maintenance costs for each asset.

    Spend analysis and tracking: Identify costs per hour and utilization history.

    In addition to our Basic Reports, you can export detailed reports such as cost-per-hour and utilization. With enhanced fleet reporting, you can make intelligent decisions about your fleet including the most effective and economical placement of assets. Unlike software alone, our experts can help you analyze the data to provide sound recommendations for your fleet.

    Avoidable damage analysis: Find these hidden costs that may be driving high expense levels.

    Hyster Fleet Smart’s business system provides reports that show avoidable damage summary totals by equipment number, types of avoidable damage repairs categorized for analysis, detail of avoidable damage repairs for a specific unit—all organized by the department, building, location, etc. based on your specifications. This data can be for the life of the equipment to date, or just for certain time periods. It is important for both the customer and fleet manager to track such information so that costs can be driven down by process changes, specification changes, offering training to operators, and other activities.

    Advanced periodic reviews with recommendations

    Hyster Fleet Smart can perform in-depth site surveys that allow us to help you determine:

    1. What a productive and cost-effective fleet looks like in your application
    2. What is the optimal fleet size and mix
    3. What is the most cost efficient maintenance schedule

    On an ongoing basis, we will analyze all the data to identify opportunities for continuous cost improvements. Hyster Fleet Smart also will help you determine what management reports are needed to provide on-going decision making, track variable costs, and avoidable damage costs. Once avoidable damage costs are recognized and tracked, changes in processes, procedures, or training will allow us to work together on reducing those avoidable costs.

    Equipment reduction, rotation and replacement recommendations

    Fleet management is about the total cost of ownership on a unit and fleet basis, and how to ensure the highest productivity at the lowest life cycle cost. Hyster Fleet Smart will work with your operation to gain the necessary business intelligence for recommendations regarding overall fleet size and composition as well as equipment utilization and replacement options.