• Nationwide Service Event Management and Administration

    Hyster Fleet Save Big Dollar Sign with TruckNo matter where or what the issue, the Hyster Fleet Smart team stands ready to manage the repair in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible to keep your facility productive and your costs down. With Hyster Fleet Smart, you have a fleet management team on your side, overseeing all services performed on your fleet before, during and after. Your fleet management team will track, analyze and report on your service trends to ensure we are always working to reduce your costs while keeping your fleet operating at the highest levels. Our service management includes:

    24/7 Dispatch and Call Center Support

    Access to a dedicated toll-free 24/7 service hotline or our web-based call center. If you’re looking for a single point of contact for service requests, then you’ll want to take advantage of our centralized dispatching service. Hyster Fleet Smart can triage service calls from all your locations and personally handle the dispatching of a technician at the touch of a button. Many repairs can be facilitated over the phone to avoid an unnecessary call altogether. Feel free to use our toll-free dedicated service line, or our web-based service call center. Hyster Fleet Smart is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Service Repair Tracking

    Have you ever wondered about the frequency of repairs on a particular unit, but did not have easy access to the data? Hyster Fleet Smart management will keep track for you, and let you know if an asset is experiencing frequent repairs of a specific part which could indicate operational issues or be a sign of more extensive problems requiring further investigation off line.

    Repair Quote Management with life cost equipment disposition

    Repair Quote Management provides the assurance that you need in completing major repairs. Each repair is reviewed to ensure that it is costeffective and the life to date cost of the asset is also considered in recommending the completion of such repairs. You are in control and armed with the ability to make an informed decision to repair or replace your asset with this important cost management tool.

    Recommended repair options to lower cost

    Because we manage such a large number of assets and track cost of repairs, Hyster Fleet Smart has the institutional knowledge to recommend the most cost-effective repair options without jeopardizing uptime.

    3 Levels of Work Order Oversight

    Through nationwide electronic integration with our dealer network, we are able to ensure consistent adherence to preferred labor and parts pricing for all of your locations. Further, we review each service event to repair labor standards ensuring that you do not pay more than what is reasonable for the time taken to repair your asset. Finally, as a last check, prior to generating your consolidated invoice we work to carefully review your “pre” invoice in an effort to identify trouble spots such as unusual or repetitive repairs.

    Flexible invoice consolidation at the corporate or local level: Minimize invoices and Administrative costs

    Recent surveys indicate that internal processing charges can range anywhere from $25 to $90 per invoice. Our centralized billing process is a streamlined approach utilizing the latest technology to effectively manage your account. By minimizing the number of invoices you process on a monthly basis, we can save you thousands of dollars each and every year. You can also opt for progress invoicing over the billing period should that option suit
    your accounting practices.