• Hyster Tracker Wireless Asset Management


    Hyster Company has delivered materials handling innovations and cost-effective solutions for over 80 years -assisting many of the top Fortune 100 companies in providing fleet management solutions.  Our Fleet Management Team has identified over $170 million in potential operating expense reductions. Capitalizing on years of experience and a strong dealer network, Hyster Tracker provides asset management technology designed to be Hyster Tough, not just for Hyster® lift trucks but for every truck in your fleet.  While other companies can offer basic telemetry solutions, we deliver a full complement of results with Hyster Tracker.

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  • Convenient Access to truck and fleet data

    CONVENIENT WEB-BASED ACCESS and your choice of three levels of management. Access the HYSTER TRACKER portal via desktop, laptop or tablet – anywhere you have an internet connection - and you’ll see every truck in your fleet that’s been equipped with the compact and rugged telemetry module.

    Technology with a Difference - Our Dealers

    HYSTER TRACKER PLUS HYSTER DEALERS HAS NO EQUAL - At Hyster Company, we pride ourselves on being more than just a lift truck manufacturer. Throughout our Dealer Network, we’re also fleet managers, parts suppliers, capital procurement specialists and trainers. You’ll find when it comes to lift trucks, Hyster® Dealers are strong partners.

    Upsize, Downsize, Right Size, Optimize

    WIRELESS ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION - Take your fleet operation to the next level with wireless asset management from Hyster. Hyster Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.