• Power Advantage Lease Program

    Why pay more for equipment when you aren't using it? We think you shouldn't!

    Sometimes your operation isn’t as busy and your equipment is running less hours. So you may be wondering why you are paying for all that time your lift truck sits idle. Well, we were asking the same thing, and that is why we are introducing POWER ADVANTAGE.

      Power Advantage Header 
    Pay only for hours the lift truck is in use*
    Power Advantage allows you to match your lease expenses to your operational cycles. So in a slow month, when the equipment is being used less, you pay less, helping you improve your cash flow.

    Custom lease solution with your needs in mind
    You have complete control. Choose the desired lifetime for your equipment, based on total hours, to determine your individual contract terms. Your monthly lease payment will be tailored to your needs.

    Flexible end-of-term options
    What happens at the end-of-term is up to you. If you aren’t ready to part with your Hyster® truck, just extend the lease. Otherwise, return your truck and lease a new Hyster truck. No hassle. No surprises. 

    When is Power Advantage right for your needs?

    • Do you prefer to pay for actual usage only?
    • Do you want to "lock-in" the per hour rate upfront?
    • Have you incurred overtime charges in the past?
    • Is your business seasonal?
    • Is your fleet a mixed use application so no one lease term fits?
    • Do you typically use your lift truck 1200-1300 hours per year?

    *Terms & Conditions -  Level of usage reviewed on an annual basis. End-of-contract terms and conditions apply. Telemetry device required.