• #1 Most Preferred and Used Brand*

    When looking for a number one lift truck manufacturer, look no further than Hyster Company.

    In a recent study, Hyster® lift trucks ranked #1 in the US as the single most preferred brand among full-line lift truck providers. But the excitement didn’t stop there. Hyster also took the top full-line spot as being the most used brand in the market.

    “These survey results are very telling about who Hyster is as a company and the type of lift trucks we provide to the industry—first class. From being ranked as the most preferred brand to being the most used brand in the industry, Hyster delivers the products and performance to help customers get the job done.” – Jonathan Dawley, President, Hyster Distribution

    “Our products are developed with ongoing customer input and must pass multiple rigorous testing processes before they earn the Hyster badge. We do this because it is our goal to be the most preferred full-line lift truck brand. When you build a product designed to stand the test of time, you inevitably become known as the workhorse in a fleet. Hyster has been building tough trucks for over 80 years, so being the brand used in more customer fleets than any other brand only reinforces our commitment to our customers." – Brett Schemerhorn, VP of Marketing

      Most Preferred and Most Used Brand Graphs  

    *The study was conducted earlier this year by an independent research company, and was based on industry respondents who are involved in the purchase process of lift trucks for their company. Results are based on full-line lift truck providers.