• Green Awards

    Green Supply Chain Partners, Inbound Logistics Magazine

    Hyster Company was recently selected by Inbound Logistics as one of 75 Green Supply Chain Partners leading the way in sustainability and logistics. The company is featured in the group as part of the June issue.
    “The market has been working to continually reduce emissions, not only to meet regulatory demands, but also in response to market needs. We ensure that our trucks meet and exceed application expectations, including environmental impact,” said Jonathan Dawley, President of Hyster Company Distribution. “Likewise, we are also building products that run on alternative fuels making our trucks tough and intelligent at the same time. That’s a great combination for our customers and the environment.”

    Inbound Logistics chooses these 75 supply chain partners after considering the company’s participation in public-private partnerships, corporate sustainability initiatives and collaborative customer-driven projects. Editors from this publication pick each partner based on their measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement and industry recognition for providing sustainable solutions.
    Hyster has a commitment to engineering energy-efficient alternatives to predominantly diesel-operated applications. In fact, the fork lift manufacturer recently rolled out the new Hyster® J80-100XN lift truck series, an electric alternative for traditionally ICE applications including lumber, stevedoring, heavy manufacturing and paper. In addition to working towards greener technology for its customers, Hyster Company follows sustainable manufacturing processes and its manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified, denoting the proper management of environmental goals.

    2013 Top Green Providers, Food Logistics Magazine

    Hyster Company announced it was recently recognized for being among the 2013 Top Green Providers released in the June issue of Food Logistics for its continued commitment for providing customers with environmentally sound, tough trucks to withstand any challenge.

    “As a company, Hyster is much attuned to the needs and requests of our customers, which have included highly energy efficient electric trucks that perform effectively, with zero emissions,” said Jonathan Dawley, President, Hyster Company Distribution. “Our approach is validated by honors like this one by Food Logistics. Through understanding of the needs and changes in the market, and through evaluation of new technologies and processes, we are able to stay at the forefront of the next wave of emission reduction or elimination technologies to provide dependable, intelligent materials handling solutions for our customers.”

    With the growing awareness and need for sustainable solutions, the Top Green Providers by Food Logistics shines the spotlight on certain companies that exceed industry standards for their focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. Other industries recognized were food producers and manufacturers, 3PLs and transportation and logistics providers and equipment manufacturers.

    According to testing for the EPA and CARB, Hyster® lift truck emissions are among the lowest of any truck in the industry, and Hyster internal combustion (ICE) truck models meet or exceed California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements. Hyster also provides tough electric trucks that can handle heavy-duty applications just as effectively as ICE trucks. With the Environmental Package, electric lift trucks are equipped to operate in harsh weather conditions outside of a plant, which is ideal for operations with multiple buildings or on a facility complex where efficiency is gained by a lift truck operating between buildings or outside.

    NACCO Materials Handling (now known as Hyster-Yale Group) Wins Environmental Award

    The NACCO Materials Handling Group plant in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where Hyster Big Trucks are manufactured, has won a Dutch environmental award, Milieuprijs Westenweurt 2013.
    NACCO Materials Handling B.V. beat 25 other companies to be recognized as the most environmentally friendly company in the industrial area of The Netherlands, in the east of the country.

    “The jury found evidence that the culture within NACCO Materials Handling B.V.helps to handle a process for a sustainable future - for the environment and also for our people” explains Wim van Dam, Nijmegen Plant Manager. “This is not just a marketing tool.

     The five key achievements that contributed to NACCO Materials Handling B.V. winning this award were sustainable, improved processes; improved energy use; reduced fuel usage; reduced necessity to repaint vehicles; and the 93% reduced emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

    The award jury chairman Prof. Dr. B. Dankbaar (with a chair on “Business Organization” at the Nijmegen Radbout University) said that NACCO Materials Handling B.V. won this environmental award because of the combination of approachable environmental improvements, passionate management, sustainable policies and the consistent approach towards environmental focus in general.

    Product and process enhancements have also led to significant reduction in the emission of VOCs as well as producing products with low fuel consumption. For example, Hyster Reach Stackers and Container Handlers used in ports, which are manufactured at the Nijmegen plant, are reported to deliver significantly reduced fuel emissions, as well as significant savings in fuel costs thanks, partly, to Tier 4i/Stage IIIB compliant engines.

    Improvements have been made in order to prevent damage to truck parts, eliminating the need to re-spray them, contributing to reduced cost as well as being environmentally friendly.

    The consumption of gas and electricity per ton of product has also been drastically decreased. Having built a connection between the Nijmegen plant and the Nijmegen Waal river port*, in 2007 NACCO Materials Handling B.V. created a permanent dock for a barge, which enables finished Hyster Big Trucks to be shipped by barge, rather than by road. This helps to save time and money and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by eliminating the transportation of dozens of trucks at a time on the road.

    The first prize was 10,000 EURO to be spent on further enhancing the plant’s sustainability and environmentally friendliness using Solar Energy Systems.

     “We are holding an internal competition to help decide how the money will be used” says Wim. “It is important to us that we include the people in this decision as they are key to the success of the company.

    The Environmental Award West Weurt is an initiative of the municipalities of Nijmegen and Beuningen and undertakings TPN West. This year (2013) is the third time the prize has been awarded, with the title previously being awarded in 2007 and 2009.

    For more information about Hyster products manufactured at the NACCO Materials Handling Group plant in Nijmegen, visit our manufacturing page.