• Our Customers

    Hyster Company sees numerous opportunities in each of our clients’ industries to positively impact the environment. As a member of the materials handling industry, we are able to provide equipment that enables the optimum flow of goods that is essential to a vibrant economy. We focus our efforts to produce forklifts that improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, and increase recycling and increase safety. We believe our products and manufacturing processes facilitate sustainability in our own company, but also in our customers’ businesses.

    “As a company, Hyster is much attuned to the needs and requests of our customers, which have included highly energy efficient electric trucks that perform effectively, with zero emissions,” said Jonathan Dawley, President, Hyster Company Distribution. “Our approach is validated by honors like this one by Food Logistics. Through understanding of the needs and changes in the market, and through evaluation of new technologies and processes, we are able to stay at the forefront of the next wave of emission reduction or elimination technologies to provide dependable, intelligent materials handling solutions for our customers.”