• Smart lift truck design that considers the environment

    Hyster Company provides a breadth of environmentally friendly lift trucks—from zero-emission electric models to internal combustion engine (ICE) lift trucks with the lowest emissions in the industry*.

    Hyster® electric trucks provide the lowest energy consumption in their class according to a standardized VDI Energy cycle test. We achieve this through smart technology design such as

    • Regenerative brake system that recaptures energy during braking and lowering of loads
    • Smart hydraulic systems with a pump that only uses the energy needed
    • Energy efficient AC Traction motors
    • Extended shift setting for a customized combination of energy efficiency and performance
    • Weight reduction, while increasing drive train efficiency.

    The available Environmental Package prepares Hyster® electric trucks to handle notoriously heavy-duty industries, such as lumber, dock yards, masonry, food preparation and handling, heavy manufacturing and recycling that traditionally could not take advantage of zero emission electric lift trucks.

    All Hyster® internal combustion (ICE) lift truck models meet or exceed California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA requirements. According to testing for the EPA and CARB, our lift trucks’ emissions are among the lowest of any truck in the industry.

    Tier 3 Tier 4 Graph SmallMany of our diesel lift trucks are now available with advanced Tier 4(i) diesel engines which produce equivalent power from ‘right sized’ engines resulting in up to 15% less fuel consumption and reduced emissions. This technology has made its way into some of our largest capacity lift trucks with capacities up to 115,000lbs.

    Other ICE truck technology aimed at reducing environmental impact includes:

    • Innovative electronic controlled transmission which significantly reduces tire and brake wear, reducing total tire usage
    • Regenerative Brake System that recaptures energy during braking and lowering of loads
    • On-demand Hydraulic System, which only pumps hydraulic oil when lifting/lowering load
    • Idle Management System which will automatically drop the engine’s RPM and enter ‘idle mode’ to save fuel
    • Selectable operating modes that electronically optimize the truck’s performance. eLo mode provides good performance while optimizing the engine for best fuel consumption. Hi-P mode provides higher productivity, and is still able to  deliver excellent fuel economy
    • On demand cooling engages only when required, reducing energy consumption and noise
    • Optional Empty Seat Shut Down allows programming a truck to shut down the engine after the operator leaves the seat to reduce emissions and save fuel.