• HyShield Clean - Minimize Risk. Maximize uptime. Moving Forward.  

    As our nation gets back to work, keeping facility personnel safe has become an important issue for materials-handling workplaces.

    Like all responsible employers, you’re now worried about the coronavirus finding its way into your facility––and spreading among lift truck operators, fleet and safety personnel, and others throughout your operation.

    We understand your concerns.

    We’ve seen that COVID-19 has caused fleets to postpone maintenance and repairs on lift trucks, for fear that a visiting technician might add to the virus risk. But reduced maintenance can create yet another danger: the risk of reduced productivity and operator safety.

    We have a great solution that helps guard against the virus––and allows you to resume your recommended equipment maintenance schedule.

    Introducing the HY-Shield Clean Program

    HY-Shield Clean is a comprehensive program that helps minimize risk for all parties during all steps of forklift contact, maintenance, and readiness for operation.

    Available exclusively through our authorized Hyster dealers, the program provides:

    One - Disenfecting protocols  

    Operator best-practice disinfecting protocols and support.

    Two - PPE  

    Sanitization and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies including nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, face masks and hand towels.

    Three - Carrier Kits  

    Customizable carrier kits of these supplies that attach to lift trucks, making sanitization easy and convenient for your operators.

    HY-Shield Clean services and supplies are ready now for immediate delivery.

    For more information and ordering, contact your local Hyster dealer.

    Choose your level of HY-Shield Clean service, or design a complete program that’s right for your operation.

    Our dealer network is educated and equipped to provide HY-Shield Clean services that will meet your needs*, such as:

    • Touchpoint cleaning before and after your repair
    • Enhanced services at your scheduled PM
    • Pre-shift sanitization training
    • Stand-alone deep cleaning

    For each service, sanitization procedures are customized to your lift truck product class.

    *Service offerings may vary based on localized dealer program. Contact your dealer to inquire about specific HY-Shield Clean services.

    HY-Shield Clean includes telemetry support.

    Our telemetry partners will benefit from sanitization instructions and reminders delivered directly to your lift truck fleet. These messages help lift truck operators do their part to prevent contamination. Specific HY-Shield Clean telemetry notifications include:

    • Assigning specific equipment to specific operators, reducing cross-contamination
    • Customizing checklist questions for your facility and equipment

    Let’s move forward together.

    We’re here to support your essential business needs, and we’ll continue to be proactive regarding workplace risk mitigation. As we all get back to work, count on us for the sales and service you need to keep your materials-handling capabilities moving forward!