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    Lithium-ion Batteries

    Did you know that Hyster Company was the first to offer a commercially available UL recognized lithium-ion battery pack in the lift truck industry?

    If total cost of ownership is of concern, it's hard to beat lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion powered trucks are able to run reliably and consistently over multiple shifts, reducing time spent on maintenance and charging.

    • Zero Maintenance: Just charge up and go. Benefit from automatic equalization and no cleaning or watering.
    • Improve Worker Productivity: Lithium-ion batteries deliver consistent power for efficient operations through an entire shift. Plus, take advantage of quick opportunity charging during operator breaks or between shifts to help maintain power levels.
    • Superior Hot and Cold Performance: Lithium-ion batteries work well in hot, cold and freezer operations, so you have the flexibility to use the same forklift throughout your entire operation instead of running extra trucks for different temperature zones.
    Why lithium-ion infographicWhy lithium-ion infographic

    Schedule a consultation with your local Hyster® dealer or email us at PowerMatch@hyster.com to learn more about lithium-ion batteries and how our motive power expertise can help improve your operations.