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    Pinpoint your power with Hyster Power Match

  • Hyster Power Match

    Today there are more power source options for forklifts than ever before. Learn how a better-matched power source could make a big difference in your operations. Hyster Power Match sources include lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, lead acid batteries, and internal combustion engines.

    Lithium-ion Batteries

    If total cost of ownership is of concern, it's hard to beat lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion powered trucks are able to run reliably and consistently over multiple shifts, reducing time spent on maintenance and charging.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells

    With demanding operations, you’re under pressure to work faster with fewer laborers and to use less space. Hyster lift trucks powered by Nuvera® hydrogen fuel cells may be the answer to these challenges.

    Lead Acid Batteries

    Running a single shift or light 2-shift operation under a tight budget? Lead acid battery power may be your ideal match. Hyster lift trucks powered by lead-acid batteries are trusted and proven in a wide variety of applications.

    Internal Combustion Engines

    For heavy-duty outdoor and well-ventilated indoor applications, Hyster lift trucks powered by internal combustion engines deliver in the most demanding applications.