• Hyster Robotic Lift Trucks


    Do you face labor shortages, increased SKU counts and increasing demands to move more, faster than ever before? Then automating your operation with Hyster robotics could be the ideal solution to meet your tremendous materials handling needs.


    HOW CAN YOU decrease YOUR cost of operations while stabilizing your work force?

    You will always need great people, but good people can be hard to find and even harder to retain. One forklift operator could cost a company up to $25.00 per hour. Fortunately, the average operating cost of a Hyster robotic lift truck is $7-$10 per hour. And it won't leave your warehouse for a raise at a competitor down the street.

    Your Hyster robotic lift truck can be programmed to perform many of the repetitive, day-to-day tasks for your operation. That offers your employees the opportunity to do more rewarding, higher responsibility work, which keeps them happier on the job.

    With better retention and lower cost of operation, you could reap the full return of your investment in as few as two years.




    Comprehensive software integration
    The robotic software interfaces with systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), giving your supervisory staff a complete view of your robotic "operators" in real time.

    Dual operating modes
    A Hyster robotic lift truck can run autonomously on its programmed path or be driven by an operator. An operator can take manual control of the robotic lift truck at any time during its operation.

    Cost-effective with no added infrastructure
    Traditional automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are designed as highly-specialized equipment that need costly infrastructure. Hyster adds robotic components to a standard production chassis to produce a high-quality, cost-effective solution that requires no added infrastructure. That's right--no laser reflectors, guide wires or magnets needed.

    Improved Inventory Accuracy
    The average inventory inaccuracy rate is currently 1.25%.* In an operation with $100M in annual revenues, that's a $1.25M impact. Hyster robotic lift trucks put loads where they are programmed to be, reducing costly time spent hunting for misplaced inventory.


    Hyster Robotic Solutions


    Robotic Reach Truck

    Robotic Reach Truck

    • Double-deep reach capabilities
    • Pick/place loads up to 30 feet
    • Ideal for distribution centers
    Robotic Pallet Truck  

    Robotic Pallet Truck

    • Transport single/double pallets
    • Place loads in staging areas
    • Bar code pallet confirmation Ideal for long runs
    Robotic CB Stacker  

    Counterbalanced Stacker

    • Deposit or remove pallets from 2nd or 3rd level
    • Handle smaller width pallets
    • Stack or unstack loads
    Robotic Tow Tractor Tugger  

    Robotic Tow Tractor

    • Standard trailer handling configurations
    • Sequencing in assembly operations
    • Stock replenishment and hauling
    * WERC WATCH - DC Measures 2016. Warehousing Education and Research Council. Spring 2016.