Any person on foot whether walking or standing, including, but not limited to plant personnel, visitors, contractors, vendors, etc.

    pedestrian safety 1

    Pedestrians shall be shown a location specific safety training video explaining proper safety protocol while on facility grounds.

    Pedestrian Safety 2  

    Pedestrians shall only walk within designated pedestrian walkways (e.g. shared walkways and dedicated pedestrian only walkways).

    Pedestrian Safety 3

    Pedestrians should walk single file or no more than two abreast within all walkways and crosswalks.

     Pedestrian Safety 4

    Pedestrians shall only cross aisles within designated crosswalks. Otherwise, before crossing an aisle or other area where powered industrial trucks are operating, pedestrians should stop and look in both directions. Cross only if it is safe to do so. Always assume that under this condition, the powered industrial truck has the right-of-way.

    Pedestrian Safety 5

    A pedestrian shall be instructed that they possess the “right-of-way” only when they are in a pedestrian walkway or an identified crosswalk. The right-of-way policy is key to maximizing overall safety in the workplace. When entering or traveling in walkways and crosswalks, a pedestrian shall be alert to all powered industrial truck traffic.

    Pedestrian Safety 6

    Pedestrians shall stop and look when a powered industrial truck operator sounds the truck’s service horn, make eye contact with the operator, and use the wave to communicate to the operator who will proceed first.

    Pedestrian Safety 7

    Pedestrians shall maintain a distance of no less than 2 feet (or outstretched arm’s length) from any powered industrial truck in operation.

    Pedestrian Safety 8

    Pedestrians shall never climb over or go under a pedestrian barrier. Where pedestrian barriers are not present, pedestrians shall stop, check aisle traffic, and then proceed with caution.

    Pedestrian Safety 9

    Pedestrians shall remain stopped until they are sure the powered industrial truck operator sees them when they are in each other’s path of travel.

    pedestrian safety tip 10

    Pedestrians shall be aware of visual obstructions at intersections and check overhead 360° dome mirrors or convex mirrors for approaching powered industrial truck traffic before proceeding.

    Pedestrian Safety 11

    Pedestrians shall use caution when approaching an intersection or entering an active powered industrial truck traffic aisle and obey all posted traffic control signs.

    Pedestrian Safety 12

    Pedestrians shall watch out for powered industrial trucks that may be approaching them from behind or on either side.

    Pedestrian Safety 13

    Pedestrians shall never enter any aisle where blind spots exist for approaching powered industrial truck traffic (e.g. through racks, blind corner, through tiered material).

    Pedestrian Safety 14

    Pedestrians shall be alert to changing workplace conditions such as water or oil on the floor.

    Pedestrian Safety 15

    Pedestrians shall never take shortcuts through designated material storage locations, warehouse areas, or stock racks. Powered industrial truck operators cannot anticipate such acts and may not be able to stop in time.