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    The Hyster® H40-60XT series is the lifting, rolling and maneuvering embodiment of toughness and versatility. With a whole host of innovative features, the XT punches way above its weight class in terms of efficiency, durability and productivity. From building materials and home centers to agriculture and wholesale and distribution – chances are that this truck will fit into almost any application or industry where you need a hard-working forklift.


    Hyster® consumes 14.5% less fuel than Toyota.

    The Hyster H50XT can save customers up to $100 per month per lift truck in fuel costs. In an operation with a fleet of 15 lift trucks, that’s a savings of up to $18,000 per year.

    USAC XT Fuel Consumption ChartCalculations based on yearly forklift operation of 2,000 hours using a 33 lb LPG tank with a cost of $20.00 to fill.



    Hyster is 20.4% more powerful than Toyota.

    When put to the test, the Hyster H50XT has more torque and horsepower to move your materials than the Toyota 8FGU25.

    USAC XT Drawbar Pull Chart



    Hyster moves 2.9% more loads than Toyota.

    The Hyster H50XT moves up to 2.5 loads per hour more than the Toyota 8FGU25. In an operation with a fleet of 15 lift trucks running 8 hour shifts, you can move up to 37.5 more loads per hour and up to 300 more loads per shift with the Hyster H50XT.

    Loads Moved Per Hour Chart


    The information above is the result of a lift truck comparison test conducted by USAC Properties, Inc. (a subsidiary of the United States Auto Club, Inc.), an independent third party. The test was conducted at the Counterbalance Development Center located in Fairview, OR, March 2017, Performance Certification Number: 17-CPC-260