N35-45ZR3, N30-35ZDR3, N35-40ZRS3, N30ZDRS3

Reach Trucks

Reach Truck Forklift


This reach truck series is designed for indoor use and is ideally suited for a variety of applications such as general warehousing, retail and grocery wholesale.

Choose from single or double reach trucks with either fore/aft or side stance configurations and a variety of optional features available.

As with other Hyster® lift trucks, they are designed with superior ergonomics for versatility and productivity.

Industry leading lift/lower cycle times while using less energy

Our trucks move more pallets than our competitors while using less energy, helping increase productivity by as much as 7% per truck, per shift, while using up to 20% less energy.

Industry exclusive ergonomic features

Industry exclusive ergonomic features and pedal-free design provide flexibility within the compartment for a comfortable and natural operating experience.

Best-in-class forward visibility

Up to 33% greater visibility through the mast, combined with industry exclusive design features, allows the operator to see the tip of the forks, eliminating guesswork on where to place the load. This helps reduce facility, product and truck damage, while allowing for enhanced precision and speed.

Simple and cost-effective service

Simplified routine maintenance helps to reduce overall cost of operation by saving you up to $2500 per truck per year.

Note: All competitive data is based on testing by the OEM in real-world environments at select warehouse locations.




ModelLoad Capacity (lbs)BatteryMaximum Travel Speed (mph)Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min)Lower Lift Speed (ft/min)
N35ZR3 Single Reach3500367.5130110
N40ZR3 Single Reach4000367.5150110/140
N30ZDRS3 Double Reach300024/366.566/7785
N45ZR3 Single Reach4500368175140/160
N35ZDR3 Double Reach 3500368175140/160
N30ZDR3 Double Reach3000367.5150110/140
N35ZRS3 Single Reach350024/366.566/7785
N40ZRS3 Single Reach400024/366.566/7785


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N35-45ZR3, N30-35ZDR3, N35-40ZRS3, N30ZDRS3
Hyster Reach Truck Brochure

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N35-45ZR3, N30-35ZDR3, N35-40ZRS3, N30ZDRS3
Sales Flyer

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NZR3-NZDR3 Technical Guide
Technical Guide

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NZRS3-NZDRS3 Technical Guide
Technical Guide


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