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    Rock Hill, SC

    B&B Distributors Relies on Hyster to Get the Job Done

    B&B Distributors is a family-owned distributor in Rock Hill, S.C. Since 1959, B&B Distributors has operated its fleet and facilities at the highest standards in order to deliver products as quickly as possible to customers, all while providing an infrastructure that allows all brewers, both large and small, access to a wide network of retailers.



    B&B Distributors needed a dependable fleet of lift trucks to ensure minimal downtime and guarantee the company’s job gets done quickly and efficiently.



    Hyster provided an optimal mix of trucks, including a reach truck, multiple walkie riders and sit-down trucks, and a wide variety of pallet jacks. This fleet was an ideal combination for B&B Distributors to maximize productivity.



    The lift trucks selected by B&B Distributors reduced downtime and optimized loading trucks, unloading inbounds and delivering to stores.

    Video Testimonial

    We like Hyster. They are very dependable, very tough and we use them hard. I would recommend Hyster to anybody in the beverage business or anybody that uses their equipment really hard day in and day out. They are dependable and they last.
    Rodney Blanks - B&B Warehouse Manager