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    Asheville, NC

    New Belgium Brewing LogoHyster Meets New Belgium Brewing Company’s Challenging Keg Line Needs

    New Belgium Brewing Company was founded in 1991 and currently ranks as the fourth-largest craft brewery and eighth-largest overall brewery in the United States. New Belgium Brewing produces 14 year-round beers, including Fat Tire Belgian Style Ale, at their two facilities in Fort Collins, CO and Asheville, NC. 



    In late 2015, New Belgium Brewing Company opened the Asheville, NC location with a capacity of 250,000 barrels. From the opening, this new location encountered logistical challenges with its packaging and distribution and had distinct needs for its keg line, which was located in a small and tight space. New Belgium Brewing Company looked to Hyster Company to recommend solutions to streamline the operation.



    Hyster Company helped the client determine an optimal mix of forklifts with high-level maneuverability in tight spaces to allow easy loading and unloading of products onto the keg line. Hyster Company also identified beneficial add-ons, such as reverse lights and seat-side mini-levers that met particular needs and further enhanced operator efficiency. 



    New Belgium Brewing Company selected electric-powered forklifts, which further enhance fuel efficiency versus using propane. The ergonomic options selected provide increased productivity and enhanced operator safety. 

    Video Testimonial

    Our operators that have come from Fort Collins said ‘Wow, you guys have the Cadillacs.’ So I couldn’t be more thankful in choosing Hyster for their lifts and completing this project of opening up this brewery and really getting us to where we are today.
    Phillip Pollick - Packaging Manager and Beer Traffic Conroller