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    Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

    Located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Langley Concrete Group has been an industry leader in the Canadian precast concrete market for more than four decades.

    The partnership between Wajax and Langley began when Mark Omelaniec, president of Langley, bought his first Hyster® lift truck in 1984. Since then, Langley has relied on Wajax as its comprehensive Hyster Fleet Management provider.



    Langley Concrete Group was selected by Metro Vancouver in British Columbia to work on a two-stage, 1,000-piece sewage pipe-laying project. Each section of the 120-inch diameter PVC-lined concrete pipe has a lay length of 10 feet and weighs 54,000 lbs.It was one of the largest sanitary sewer pipe undertakings in the area in 40 to 50 years.

    Langley owns a Hyster® H620HD lift truck, with lifting capacities of 62,000 lbs., that can handle loads with a 96-inch diameter. This truck was not big enough, however, to handle the new pipe requirements.



    Langley needed a lift truck that could handle extra capacity – not just for the current sewage project, but the ability to handle an entire range of product needs throughout the next five to 10 years.a

    The company purchased a used Hyster® H1050E lift truck with lifting capacities of 105,000 lbs. to remove pipe from the plant’s tipper, transport it to the yarding-out area and load it onto trucks for site delivery.



    The H1050E enabled Langley to ship, handle and load the pipe product onto trucks for usage while maintaining excellent uptime and dependability – a testament to the truck’s total cost of ownership.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Langley is proud to say that we have a strong and longlasting partnership with Wajax and Hyster. Wajax has always provided us with great customer service and the information and parts that we need for our two on-site technicians to service our trucks. Our Hyster has allowed us to be on time and on budget—very important factors to our bottom line.
    Mark Omelaniec - PresidentLangley Concrete Group