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    H1050-1150HD Hyster Container Handler Ports America ChesapeakePorts America is the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the nation with more than 42 ports in 80 locations.

    One of their terminals - Seagirt Marine Terminal operation which handles 700,000 TEUs per year- was looking to replace their older container handlers with more energy-efficient, yet powerful lift trucks.  Click below to learn how they achieved this goal with Hyster® top picks.

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    Ports America Chesapeake was looking to replace their container handlers with more energy-efficient, yet powerful lift trucks.



    The Ports America Chesapeake’s operation at Seagirt Terminal invested in a fleet of Hyster® H1150HD container handlers with new Tier 4 (interim) engines. The new container handlers provided fuel saving technology that reduced environmental impact while maintaining efficiency and increasing performance with a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 20%.



    The high level of performance and speed found in the new trucks keeps the terminal productive and green for the surrounding Chesapeake Bay.

    What our customers are saying

    Ports America Chesapeake strives to find new environmental initiatives and partnering up with Hyster to test their first U.S. Tier 4i top loader was something that we couldn’t pass up,” said Howell. “We’ve been happy with the performance of the Hyster Tier 4i trucks and are scheduled to buy two more of these top loaders by the end of the 2013.
    Patrick Howell - Crane and Engineering Manager at Ports America ChesapeakeBaltimore, MD