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    Montreal, Quebec Canada

    ray-mont logistics

    Ray-Mont Logistics provides seamless integrated logistics solutions to facilitate the international trade of containerized cargo. Its terminals handle and containerize agricultural products, plastic resins as well as other commodities.



    Ray-Mont needs to support growing container volumes without using excess space or compromising freight forwarding service levels.



    Utilizing Hyster ReachStackers that are capable of stacking six containers high and standing up to harsh duty cycles, Ray-Mont is able to meet performance requirements in storage yards.



    Ray-Mont operations run 24/7 and handle 560,000 containers annually.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    "When I talk to contacts elsewhere in the industry, they can’t believe how hard we run our equipment, but the Hyster is up to the task – it’s a tank.”
    Michael Cantera-Larkin - Vice President, Terminal Operations, Ray-Mont Logistics