• It's People that make our Trucks Productive


    For over 80 years, Hyster has been dedicated to boosting the productivity of its lift trucks. During that time, Hyster has also been dedicated to boosting the productivity of people. Specifically, Hyster has pioneered ergonomic designs that improve operator comfort and industry-leading training programs that hone the skills of operators and technicians alike. After all, people make your lift trucks productive.

    Innovative ergonomic features

    The eyes have it
    Good visibility is critical to the safe operation of a truck. But it’s also critical to operator comfort. Proper visibility means operators don't strain to keep an eye on the load, allowing them to work confidently and safely, making it one of the most fundamental ergonomic features on our trucks.

    No more bad vibes
    On a lift truck, stability is key; however, if your suspension is too stiff, your operators will experience increased fatigue from vibrations. Hyster engineers have created ways, like isolated drivetrains and suspension seating, to minimize vibrations and fatigue and maximize operator comfort.

    Best seat in the house
    What’s the key to boosting your operators’ productivity? They’re sitting on it. Hyster engineers spend countless hours finding ways to improve the comfort of our seats—from positioning to cushioning to adjustability. Because comfortable operators are alert operators. And alert operators are more productive.

    The science of ear-gonomics
    Noise pollution is an important area of ergonomic focus for Hyster engineers. Working in a noisy environment grates on the nerves, saps your energy and leads to fatigue. Hyster engineers have introduced new technologies, such as on-demand cooling, to help reduce noise levels and create some of the quietest trucks on the market.

    Industry-leading training programs

    Train to be the best
    The Hyster operator training program includes everything a customer needs to conduct the classroom component of an OSHA-compliant operator training session. This award-winning operator training program is available as a two-DVD set in both English and Spanish versions.

    The program is a comprehensive, easy-to-use package that covers all five lift truck product classes. Whether a customer needs to get new hires up to speed or give veteran operators a tuneup on the latest rules and regs, this program serves as the foundation of a solid safety program.

    Certified to deliver certainty
    Dealership technician training is important to us. Our current online and classroom program, Certech, ensures all dealership technicians get an industry-leading education in product diagnostics and repair. The Certech technical training certification program is assurance that Hyster customers can expect the same high level of ability and knowledge from any Hyster® dealer service technician.

    Learn from us
    The best knowledge is shared knowledge. That’s why we equipped Hyster Dealers to offer customers our award-winning operator training program and training classes for in-house technicians. Both programs are designed to ensure your in-house teams are up to speed on the latest Hyster technologies.