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  • Total Cost of Ownership


    The sticker price is an important factor in determining the cost of ownership. But it’s far from the only one. Factors such as depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs can significantly increase total ownership costs.

    That’s where Hyster® really stands out. If you’re looking for a high quality lift truck that is engineered to be energy efficient and easy to service, here’s why Hyster is your best choice:



    Hyster VP of Global Product Development Gopi Somayajula talks about what’s most important to get products right so customers receive the best value and lowest cost of ownership.

    Quality: Hyster trucks are engineered to be dependable and durable. This means fewer repairs, less downtime and more productivity.

    World-class fuel efficiency: Whether they’re diesel, propane or electric, Hyster trucks are made to perform with peak energy efficiency.

    Ease of serviceability: Hyster trucks are built for maximum production and minimum downtime. When it comes time for maintenance, each truck offers intuitive, intelligently designed serviceability.

    To learn more, contact your local Hyster dealer.