• Tough trucks. Global support. Fast parts.

    Decades of experience in the steel industry have taught us how to get the job done right the first time—even when you’re carrying 80,000 pounds of coil. It takes the right truck, the right attachment and an experienced support team to keep you up and running.


    How to lift heavy loads and help lower your total cost of ownership.

    The secret of our high capacity forklifts is intelligent design, along with built-in dependability. We know your yard conditions aren’t ideal, your stacking methods vary and dust is everywhere. We’re ready for it. Hyster not only offers the largest capacity range in the industry—with a wide range of lift trucks and reach stackers that can be fitted with multiple specialized steel handling attachments—our EPA Tier 4 emission compliant engine solutions lower your fuel consumption.

    These are standard-production trucks that you can turn into powerful, purpose-built solutions for your operations. Whether you need to lift 30,000 pounds, 80,000 pounds or multiple coils at the same time, Hyster® trucks help you do it with ease.

    • Superior cooling for longer-lasting components
    • Smooth load handling through better controllability
    • Rugged mast design that handles impacts and shock loading
    • Stability you can trust to handle long and heavy loads
    • Ease-of-service that minimizes downtime

    The right attachment makes all the difference.

    Rams, c-hooks, magnets, stabilizers, clamps or forks, no matter what your needs, Hyster has the attachment to get the job done.

    Rams: A low-cost, high-productivity solution
    • Integrally mounted rams – minimum load loss on higher capacity
    • Carriage-mounted rams – ideal for sideshift operations
    • Double/Multiple rams – more coils per move
    • Chainless Monomast with integral ram – a Hyster steel-handling solution for hot and cold steel handling
    C-Hooks: Perfect for rotating, stacking and loading coils without using a crane
    • Much higher density storage of coils, resulting in less travel for drop-off and pick up
    • Good coil selectivity as coils can be picked from the first, second or third row
    Forks: Easy solution with high versatility
    • Variety of multi-purpose, integral or hook-type, side-shift, fork positioning carriages with a range of different "quick disconnect" fork are available
    • Higher versatility: able to pick up different products

    Find out more about lift trucks for the steel industry and what may work for your application.