• Think Power. Think Productivity.

    When you’re moving steel slabs, you need two things: raw strength and reliable service. Hyster Company has both. Tough lift trucks, custom attachments and dedicated support it’s a heavy-duty system that moves steel and keeps you moving forward.

    Tough trucks. Industry-leading capabilities.

    Our rugged, high-capacity lift trucks can handle loads from 2,000 to 120,000 lbs, and they’re built to last. Standard-built ReachStackers and forklifts can be customized to fit nearly any steel handling application. Whatever you need to transport slabs, bloom, structural steel or coil we have the truck to make it work and the attachment to make it happen. Whatever the task, whatever the condition – Hyster can deliver a truck optimized for your application.

    The attachment solution you’re looking for.

    Forks, clamps, grabbers and magnets are designed to pick up all sizes of steel slab. Find the attachment that fits your needs. Need help? No problem, ask an experienced Hyster® dealer for support.

    Forks: A versatile, low-cost solution

    • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
    • Hyster offers forks featuring strong heels and thin chisel tips
    • Designed to pick various types and sizes of load

    Clamps and Grabs: Easy handling for hot slabs

    • Mechanical and hydraulic models available
    • Picks from the top, no spacers needed between slabs
    • Clamps can pick up hot slabs or blooms up to 800°C
    • Mechanical clamps can be easily connected to the truck without the operator having to leave the cab
    • Fast-working hydraulic clamps also allow rotation of slabs

    Magnets: High-intensity lifting made simple.

    • Can lift hot slabs up to 200°C, or with special magnet core, 400°C
    • Fast and easy system; reduces product damage while cutting down on maintenance
    • Picks from the top, no need for spacers between slabs
    • Reduces bouncing when driving on uneven ground
    • Lessens wear on the trucks, and tires
    • Magnets are always above the load and need less space to turn into stacks, resulting in smaller isles and higher stacking density

    The efficient power of right-sized engines.

    Hyster® big trucks give you the power you need, while reducing fuel consumption, cutting back emissions and lowering your total cost of ownership. Our rightsized engines coupled with efficient powertrains meet Tier IV requirements and cut back your fuel consumption by as much as 20%. Big truck, small footprint.

    Industry experts. Ready to help.

    Find out more about lift trucks for the steel industry and what may work for your application.