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     Included in this whitepaper is information concerning:

    The Tier 4 emission regulations

    Starting in January 2011, these regulations were enacted across the 174 to 751 hp (130-560 kW) power category, requiring diesel engine to reduce PM exhaust emissions by 90 percent and NOx exhaust emissions by 45 percent compared with the current Tier 3 emissions standards.

    How the regulation changes affect Big Trucks

    All diesel-powered equipment with power ratings of between 174 and 751 hp supplied have been affected by these regulations. For example, since January 2011, all Hyster® Big Trucks with lifting capacities more than 16 tons, including container handlers and reach stackers, can be provided with new engines and emissions management technologies.

    Achieving lower emissions and saving fuel costs

    To drive down emissions and save fuel costs, Hyster has partnered with leading engine manufacturer Cummins. Hyster is now the first Big Truck manufacturer with the Advanced Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. The cooled EGR system enables clean combustion and results in a reduction in NOx emissions to the levels required by the legislation.
    Staying ahead of future changes
    There are more regulations to follow since January 2012, which include smaller trucks within the 75-hp to 173-hp power category. Hyster is now also working towards 2014 and 2015 when there will be further steps to reduce emissions.

    How will the EPA Tier 4 Emission Regulations affect you?

    Do you have questions about the EPA Tier 4 Interim Emissions Regulations?   It can be overwhelming to sort through all of the information.  This Frequently Asked Questions document will help you better understand the regulations and clean diesel technology.

    Below is a sample of the more than 50 questions available in the FAQ.

    The Tier 4 Interim Emissions Regulations

    • What was the Tier 4 Interim emissions standard in 2011?
    • What is the Tier 4 Final emissions standard in 2014?
    • What are Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM)?
    • When will engines below 174 Hp need to meet the low emissions regulations?


    • Which technologies are available to achieve the Tier 4 Interim emission standards?
    • Will Tier 4 Interim engine performance be the same as Tier3?
    • How will Tier 4 Interim impact the cost of equipment?

    Fuel Requirements

    • Is ULSD fuel legally required for Tier 4 Interim engines?
    • When will ULSD fuel be available?
    • Could today’s fuel be used in Tier 4 Interim engines?