Hyster Reaction

Operator Assist Technology

First-of-its-kind technology controls lift truck performance based on real-time equipment status, location and operating conditions.


Hyster Reaction™ is an industry-first technology package that helps reinforce lift truck operating best practices, tailored to the complexity of demanding, fast-paced indoor lift truck environments. The solution applies a broad range of equipment performance controls based on location, equipment-specific thresholds and proximity to obstacles or pedestrians, while the operator remains in control of the lift truck.

Automatic slow-down

Reduce travel speed

Automatically limits speed when approaching pedestrians and equipment or according to location-specific rules, such as when lift trucks approach a four-way cross or designated pedestrian zone.

Load stability

Control hydraulic function

Adjusts hydraulic functions, including lift, lower and tilt to help reduce the risk of tipping and load pitching, including an overload arrest function to prevent operators moving loads that exceed specified weight thresholds.

Dynamic alerts

Keep operators informed

When Hyster Reaction detects a pedestrian or obstacle in the path of travel, location-based speed limit or other condition, it triggers an alert to help support operator awareness and provide additional reaction time.

Built for demanding indoor applications

Innovative, powerful technology package

Object detection

LiDAR technology that detects obstacles in path of travel, including those not connected to proximity tags, helping inform performance controls.

Proximity detection

Powered by local or real-time location technologies that use tags to detect trucks, pedestrians and beacons, helping inform performance controls.

Adjusting lift truck performance 

Hyster Reaction continuously gathering inputs from the multiple detection technologies to implement performance adjustments to travel speed, acceleration, and hydraulic functions based on site-specific rules

Real-time location sensing

Designate exclusion zones with no lift truck traffic and implement performance controls for pedestrian traffic areas and four-way cross intersections.



Not sure how operator assist technology, when used with proper training, can help your facility address operational risks? Click the videos in this interactive flyer to see eight examples of Hyster Reaction™ in action.

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