The steel industry is evolving, with mills serving demand for product in a variety of shapes and sizes, from coils and slabs to long loads and billets, often making investments to adjust production lines accordingly. But production is only part of the equation - the material handling equipment, processes and labor used to move steel products to storage and out for distribution can be a source of costly inefficiency or competitive advantage.

Is your mill equipment up to the task? Are multi-step, multi-machine workflows really the most efficient, streamlined approach?

Long loads and billets exert particularly difficult stresses on material handling equipment, but key features and enhancements can bolster durability and efficiency to keep loads moving and costs under control. Likewise, evaluating workflows can unlock greater efficiencies for mills, as seen when using ReachStackers for a variety of tasks and steel shapes and sizes – helping boost efficiency, output and most importantly, profits.

coil grab

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